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Friday, 28 March 2014

Blogoversary Day 1: Thank You!

I did say I’d be back with a bang.. *tumbleweed*
I’m so sorry but I just HAD to be cheesy, because, you know, it’s my blogoversary in 5 DAYS *party* so it’s a personal obligation from me to you. Don’t ask why- I’m making this up as I go along, okay?
Anyway.. This fateful day marks the start of my blogoversary celebration where I have a host of fun things lined up for this blog after my blogging break. Hopefully, it’ll be utterly awesome and you’ll enjoy it as much as I will.
I regret to inform you all that the post I have lined up for today, is that bit where I go all cheesy and corny on you and start acting like I’ve won an Academy Award (HA! I USED THE POSH WORD.) or something. Anndddd.. On with the show:

The Bloggers: 

Amber @ The Mile Long Bookshelf –
HEY AMBER! Thank you for being an awesome sloth/crayon/unicorn/too-many-things-to-keep-count-of. I honestly have no idea how I met you, but it was on Twitter, and since then I know you’re always there to have amazing conversations about how book boyfriends are so much better than One Direction. KEEP ON BEING UNICORNY!

Amber @ Books of Amber –
HEY AMBER! Thank you for being the first book blogger I EVER talked to! I remember having just started my blog and hearing you need someone to recap a book for Recaptains- I willing obliged, and BAM! You became one of my awesomest blogging friends ever. My blog kind of owes you for letting me do that recap because I learnt so much! Also you love Jurassic Park, which makes you awesome. KEEP ON BEING AN AWESOME DINOSAUR!

Amy @ Amy Bookworm-
HEY AMY! Thank you for being one of my bestest blogging buddies. We met during one of the bookish chats where I found out you were AWESOME, and since then you haven’t stopped being awesome. You’ve also managed to get yourself into Rita and Amy’s Deals (WE NEED T-SHIRTS, I’M TELLING YOU.) where basically I book-push you and you book-push me, and so on and so forth. KEEP ON READING THE BOOKS I TELL YOU TO!

Judith @ Paper Riot-
HEY JUDITH! Thank you for being one of the greatest book pushers ever. I think I read a lot of books just because I see you telling people to read them, and somehow I TRUST YOU AND THIS IS WHY YOU ARE AWESOME EVEN THOUGH THOSE BOOKS KILL MY FEELS. *cough* CROWN OF MIDNIGHT *cough*. KEEP ON BOOK-PUSHING- I ACTUALLY LISTEN! (Promise! ;)

Lucy @ Queen of Contemporary-
HEY LUCY! Thank you for being an awesome bloggy friend who always seem to destroy my cuteness feels with your awesome guinea pigs. I always love reading your discussions because they always seem to be at least a tiny bit relevant to me, meaning I constantly want to hug you. Thank you for always being happy to fangirl on twitter with me too! KEEP ON WITH THE GUINEA PIGS!

Sophie @ A Day Dreamer’s World-
HEY SOPHIE! Thank you for being such a sweet, determined bloggy friend! I admire all your anti-bullying work, and you write some amazing poetry! You’re always there to talk o me on Twitter and we have such awesome conversations! Also, thank you for not just putting up with my craziness online, but by also letting me send you a postcard, where I probably sounded like the biggest lunatic ever! KEEP ON FIGHTING FOR YOUR BELIEFS!

Zoe @ Bookhi-
HEY ZOE! Thank you for being one of my craziest fangirl buddies! I’m pretty sure you can agree with me that William Herondale is amazingly gorgeous, since we spend so much time squealing and flailing! Thank you for making me laugh more than I probably should and for celebrating with me about Fandoms and all their awesomeness! KEEP ON LOVING THE HERONDALES!

Debbie @ Snuggling on the Sofa-
HEY DEBBIE! Thank you for sharing my love of CHERUB. I know that whenever I get CHERUB feels I can come and pester you about it, since you love all things Robert Muchamore too! Thank you for being ever present on my blog- your comments never fail to make me smile! KEEP ON MAKING EVERYONE CHEERY!

Rachel @ Booktastic Reviews-
HEY RACHEL! Thank you for being part of the Wolfblood trio with Fi! Remember that time when we live tweeted the whole thing and got WAYYYY too many feelings about the whole thing? – IT WAS AWESOME! Thank you for coping with me whenever my feels get overwhelming..! KEEP ON LIVETWEETING WITH ME!

Hawwa @ It Was Lovely Reading You-
HEY HAWWA! Thank you for being another awesome sloth/unicorn! You have an awesome addiction to Caps Locks and Macaroons which just makes you constantly more awesome every day. You never fail to make me start crying with laughter from your craziness, and I think you would make a crazy awesome wizard. KEEP ON CAPS-LOCKING!

Sunny @ A Sunny Spot-
HEY SUNNY! Thank you for being my fellow Dylan O’Brien lover. I know I can go to you whenever I need to scream about how gorgeous he is. (LETS FACE IT PEOPLE.) You also live in a really awesome place and sometimes I’m tempted to hop on a plane over there, but then I would probably never have money again. KEEP ON LOVING DYLAN! 

Fi @ Books for Birds-
HEY FI! Thank you for being another part of the Wolfblood-lovers trio! I personally think we all rock at live-tweeting! Also, thank you for being one of the first people to want to interview me for their blog. You ended up making me feel like I was a pretty awesome person, and also reallyreallyreally happy! KEEP ON MAKING EVERYONE HAPPY!

Ruby @ Feed Me Books Now-
HEY RUBY! Thank you for being an always-present, awesome bloggy friend! I’m always in awe at your graphics skills, because you always manage to make them so fun and interesting! I also love hearing about how much you adore classics. I’m aiming to read at least one this year, so KEEP ON INSPIRING ME!

Charli @ To Another World-
HEY CHARLI! Thank you for understanding what it's like to fall into the extreme temptation of Netgalley and Edelweiss. You're just awesome because you understand why I feel guilty when I'm drowning in books. I think I'm going to name you my book-drowning cheerleader... Anyway, you also gave me amazing ideas for those crazy t-shirts I designed- YAY! KEEP ON READING ALL ZE BOOKS!

Sandra @ Tea Between Books-
HEY SANDRA! I was reading through some of our past tweets and I came across a really weird conversation where somehow Weeping Angels became the topic...and then it got really scary.. What I'm trying to say is thank you for being an awesome bunny rabbit who doesn't mind getting into crazy conversations, staring contests and loves Angelfall. KEEP ON LOVING THE RAFFE FEELS!

Zoe @ Zoe’s Book Blog-
HEY ZOE! Thank you for being my FIRST EVER book swap partner/person. You were awesome and I still have the lovely note that you sent along with the book! That also means that you're part of one of my bloggy/bookish milestones. Also, you're a REAAAALLLYYYY good singer. KEEP UP WITH THE AWESOME MUSIC STUFF!

Arianne @ Daisy Chain Book Reviews-
HEY ARIANNE! Thank you for inspiring me to do that discussion with my sister about being bilingual. Because of that I definitely had lots of fun and got to share a bit more about me with my readers! Also thank you for fangirling with me and Lucy about Mr Selfridge! WE ALL HAVE AMAZING OTPS. KEEP WATCHING AMAZING TV PROGRAMS!

Sandra @ Sandra’s Book Blog-
HEY SANDRA! Thank you for always being there to comment such lovely things on my blog! I always want to hug you so bad because your comments and our conversations on twitter always make me smile. You also love The Mortal Instruments as much as I do, and you completely understand why I would give the first book to someone on their birthday...! KEEP ON BEING SO SWEET!

Kim @ The Nomadic Book Hoarder-
HEY KIM! Thank you for being my go-to person to fangirl about The Lunar Chronicles. I don't know what I would do without someone to tell about ALL THE FEELS. You ship all my OTPs, which means you have excellent taste and until Winter comes out, you're going to have to bear with me when I constantly complain about waiting... KEEP ON LOVING CRESS AND THORNE!

The Publishers & Authors:

Thank you so much to all the publishers that have believed in me enough to let me review their books. You all make me so happy all the time because of the hard work you put into making the world of reading so much better! A special thanks to Orion Children's Books who were the first publishers to EVER send me a review copy!

To all of you Authors out there: Thank you for continuously writing books that me laugh, cry and mope around by killing my feels. The world would be so boring without all of you, and I'm ever grateful that you continue to write and make me love the power of words.

The People:
This is what’s going to make this sound like an Oscars speech, but the people I can’t thank enough are my family. They’re the ones that actually cope with my constant reading, blogging and whining. I don’t know how they do it. They’re the ones that take me places and I don’t know how I would blog without their support. So, Mama, Papa and InĂªs- Obrigada!
Last but not least, I want to thank you.Thank you for reading my blog, no matter how much or how little. Every single word you read means a lot to me, because I know that there are people out there who appreciate the time and effort I put into running this.

See you tomorrow!

rita xo

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