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Monday, 24 February 2014

Guest Post: Amy Bookworm does the Rainbow Spines Tag


Can you guess who this is. Rita has introduced me many times... From Interviews, Book Pushing & Joint reviews... I feel like you should know who I am by now ;) It's Amy Bookworm. A while back Rita tagged me in The Rainbow Spines Tag. I'll be honest with you, I'm not the biggest fan of tags. When I was a new blogger I liked them & it was a great way to meet people and for us to get to know each other. That's most tags (the ones with lots of questions)... Tags can get repetitive. This one isn't but it involved taking photos... I'll tell you know, don't expect too much. I'm no photographer though I try... Well, for tags like The Rainbow Spines that is!
I don't know how many of each colour the original had but I have a shortage of many coloured books, especially yellow! Luckily others in my house had them ;) These photos were taken before I actually got one that's yellowey/orangey. It's featured in my most recent book haul (lots of photos) & it's Alex As Well... (all underlined titles I don't think I had at the time of the photo) You're free to imagine it there ;) I don't mind. The photos show...
The 13 Treasures - Michelle Harrison (Other good candidates: Hetty Feather, Storm & Stone proof, The Ghost & The Goth)
Orange:  Shadow Forest- Matt Haig. (Other good candidate: Number #3 Infinity- quite gold though!)
Summer's Dream - Cathy Cassidy
Pure Dead Brilliant - Debi Gliori (Other good candidate: Dreamland)
Blue:  Infinite Sky - C.J. Flood (Other good candidates: Teardrop proof, Heaven-- AA, Delirium-- LO, Cruel Summer- JD, She Is Not Invisible, Sweetly's dust jacket & Radiance --AN) A LOT OF BLUE BOOKS.
 The Soterion Mission - Stewart Ross
(Other good candidate: Waking Beauty)
Dani's Diary -  Narinder Dhami
(Other good candidates: Lottie Briggs is not mad, Shimmer, How To Be Popular... almost as many as blue!)
I took another awful photo but they've both been bashing around for ages ;) BTW, I was feeling silly so I added rainbows to them. Don't ask, I won't answer.
Luckily I didn't have to list all the books with multicoloured, black or white spines. The ones mentioned are more block colour & even if varies it's just different shades. Do you like this tag? I don't think it was too hard, just strange what I realized about book spines... I've reviewed quite a good proportion of these books so if you would like you can always check out my blog & search for them. As Rita has already tagged some people at this blog, I don't think I will & it's not that fair ;) I hope you enjoyed the post & just because I haven't mentioned anyone to tag it doesn't mean you can't. Go for it if you would like to try it! Show us your shelves & how hard it is/isn't for you :P Tweet me it if you do it @Amy_Bookworm :) Bye for now! We'll see you later... Happy reading, all.

Thank You, Amy, for doing the Rainbow Spines Tag! Personally, I love the rainbows in your photo, and your rainbow pile of books looks great. Go visit Amy's blog- it's great! 

rita xo

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