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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Monthly Recap: December

Hello Everyone!

It is 2014 now!! It feels kind of weird because for me, 2013 has gone so quickly. It's kind of scary and intimidating how quickly things go by..! Anyway, I hope you all have a great 2014 so on with the December recap!

Awesome/Important Stuff:
Around the Blogosphere:

  • Amy wrote a post about being a bad reviewer- which she isn't! We all adore you Amy, but it's a great post because it addresses things I'm sure we have a felt at some point whilst blogging!
  • Amber did an extremely sweet post wishing everyone Merry Christmas and talking about her blogging buddies.
  • Ruby did this amazing post advising people on what classic to read, but instead of just writing things out she used graphics!
Favourite Book:
Take Away the Books:

  • This month I had the pleasure of going to see Frozen at the cinema. IT. WAS. AMAZING. It's officially my favourite Disney film ever and I'm making you go see it. GO SEE IT.
  • It was Christmas!! I hope you all had a lovely day and also, I hope you had a great New Year's Eve! 
  • On that note, I would like to thank anyone who's reading this for doing just that. Reading this blog. I started it on April 1st 2013, so I'll be celebrating my 1 year blogoversary in four months time..! It's just gone so quickly, but along the way I've met so many other bloggers and learnt so many things and this is definitely one of the best things I've done. So Thank You. For reading this blog, for commenting, for joining me on Twitter and for everything. Blogging wouldn't be worthwhile if I didn't have people who supported me such as my family and you guys. *hugs*

Well.. I did a great job of getting all sentimental there..! Have a great 2014!

Bye! xx

rita xo

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