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Monday, 16 December 2013

Discussion with an Eight Year Old: Being Bilingual

Discussion with an Eight Old is basically a discussion feature where I talk to my eight year old sister, InĂªs, about a certain topic. I hope you enjoy it!

Topic: Being Bilingual

Rita: Someone on Twitter suggested this topic to me, (Thanks Arianne!) and I thought it would be a great thing to discuss- even though it's not exactly about books. For the purpose of anyone who doesn't know this already, me and my sister are both from Portugal so we speak fluent English and Portuguese. For me, that's completely normal but people are always really curious when they find out so I thought I'd do a discussion on it. Ines, how do people react when they find out you speak a different language?

Ines: People always start asking me how to say something in Portuguese, or ask me to teach them something in Portuguese.

Rita: It's the same for me. It's always really hard to know what to say because I find it hard to just think of something off the top of my head! You sometimes get people who constantly plague you with questions like that, and it can be a bit awkward.. Most people react well though, and asking me how to say something doesn't really annoy me. Do you find it easy to switch between languages, etc.

Ines: It's not that easy for me because I get Portuguese and English mixed up sometimes. Sometimes I say a word in Portuguese when I'm speaking in England or the other way round.

Rita: The same happens to me. I can switch really quickly though from English to Portuguese or from Portuguese to English. When you get older, it'll probably be easier for you to do that, though. Something that's quite funny though, is that I don't like speaking English with my parents. We speak Portuguese at home, but when I have friends round, for example, I sometimes have to speak English with my parents for my friend's benefit but I really don't like doing that for some reason!

Rita: Something else I don't like doing is reading books in Portuguese. I don't know why, and it might be to do with the fact that I haven't read many books that actually interest me in Portuguese.. The ones I have tried to read have been quite complicated... However, I am really making an effort to read more books in Portuguese (You may have noticed that I accept books in Portuguese for review.) and I think I will have to try a few YA ones to see if I manage to finish them!

Ines: I like to read the Monica comics in Portuguese, because you can read along with the pictures and they are really funny and cool to read. The characters are unique too: Monica has a rabbit and she always hits people with it, Magali is always eating, Cebolinha is always saying mean things to Monica, and Cascao doesn't like having a bath!

Rita: I love those comics too! They are really funny to read, and if you ever see them in English you HAVE to buy them!! I hope you enjoyed this discussion! Bye!

Ines: Bye!

Are you Bilingual? If so what languages do you speak and what are your experiences? If you're not, what other language would you like to speak and what are your experiences with other languages?
 Bye!! xx

rita xo

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