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Saturday, 2 November 2013

Saturday Sayings: November

Hello Everyone!

The theme this month for Saturday Sayings is Reality. So, when I was looking for quotes, I found this:

“Fiction reveals truth that reality obscures.”
Jessamyn West
This quote really got me thinking. Is it only possible to become too caught up in fiction, or is it also possible to get too caught up in reality? Is there ever a point, where looking for the answer becomes to much? Where we get so caught up in fact that we refuse to let ourselves even think, for a tiny second, about fiction?
People, are often accused of daydreaming, as if it were a bad thing- something I do not believe. People are told to come back to reality, to focus on success, careers and achieving their dreams. But why do we speak of fulfilling that dream, when we do not even dare to dream? 
Let's say that one day, all our questions are answered. We know what happened to the Dinosaurs, how the world started, and even what happened to the Princes in the Tower (History Geeks will Understand.) What will we do then? Answering all our questions only means one thing: we have nothing left to imagine.
Maybe, some questions aren't meant to be answered. They are meant to allow every individual to believe their opinion and their imagination. Why should the world scorn those who want to believe in dragons, demons and dungeons? Or those that choose to believe that every story is true? We should not have limits- that is what Fiction gives us. With it, we have been to Hogwarts, won The Hunger Games, and chosen a Faction. Without it, we live with oppression, where every question has an answer that we are not allowed to question.
In the end, reality weighs us down, it is fiction that sets us free.


rita xo

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