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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Monthly Recap: November

Hello Everyone!

Soooo....It's been November... Guy Fawkes was kind of burnt all over again.. I think the 5th of November is kind of like Voodoo, don't you think..? Oh, and unless your familiar with the whole bonfire night tradition thingy in the UK, you won't know what I'm on about, so here's a Cat GIF. (YES I STILL HAVE THEM.)
 You are not cool, until you become this cat. That said, on with the recap!

Awesome/Important Stuff:
Around the Blogosphere:
As you may be able to guess from one of the above posts, I GOT TO MEET HOLY BLACK AND SARAH REES BRENNAN!!

I have to admire one of my bloggy friends, Sophie, so much. She has just ran a week-long feature on her blog dedicated to Anti-Bullying. I was going to take part, but my blogging has been all over the place due to school, so I couldn't take part. Anyway, I'm so impressed with the effort she went to just to be able to help at least one person when it come to bullying. Well done, Sophie and you should be EXTREMELY proud of yourself!! 

Favourite Book:
Take Away the Books:
  • I have read Allegiant, and I watched the Catching Fire Movie....In the same weekend. DO NOT DO THIS- Unless you are okay with wallowing in your feels for a week. I am staying away from things that will make me bawl for a while, otherwise I risk a serious feels overload.
  •  IT'S CHRISTMAS PEOPLE!! I have already treated Twitter to my lovely rendition of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.
  • I have been listening to this song way too much due to Catching Fire.
  • I also have this song replaying in my head due to a jazz dance.
November, particularly towards the end, consisted of a load of feels, getting excited for Agents of SHIELD - which I'm very upset about because the next episode is only in two weeks time, and how am I meant to cope with my FitzSimmons feels!?- and a load of other stuff. How was your November?

Bye! xx

rita xo

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