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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Guest Post: June @ Sunshine Reviews Discusses Different Genres

Discussion Post:

In the reading and writing community, there are hundreds of genres out there. Starting from Contemporary, Romance, Action, Dystopia and many others. And I have different views and expectations about each and every one of them.
Let's start with Contemporary.

Contemporary (YA & NA)

With Contemporary, my expectations went WOAH up! I love reading Contemporary, and that is why I have such high expectations. Staring from girls or boys who are just too...cliche to girls and boys who are perfect. Now I know that no one is perfect, so I just want to clarify that by "perfect", I mean girls and boys who has problems/secrets but their intentions and emotions are true. And the story line, I don't normally care about the story line since they are basically all the same. And before, I never saw contemporary as anything but fun and romantic, but now it's starting to become a bit boring. 

The story line are all the same now, it's all about girl falling in love with a boy, and happily ever after. I want something new and unique but still stays in the Contemporary section. Something like Boy Meets Boy, The Fault In Our Stars, Ask The Passengers.

Dystopia/Post Apocalyptic (YA & NA)

In my opinion, Dystopia is mainly my favourite genre. I love the action, the plot twist and secrets behind Dystopia stories. There are many books out there in today's market that is in the Dystopian/Post Apocalyptic genre. Some books are absolutely AMAZING, but some are just...failures. I have really high expectations with Post Apocalyptic books. I need the plot, details and characters to pull me in straight away. I don't like it when the the plot and subject is just plain boring. I want something that is unique, something that will definitely pull me in and have me dreaming about every second of the day. 

I know that this genre is really tricky, but I still have high expectations for it. Some recommendations are: Clutch, Divergent, Enclave.

Sci-fi/Fantasy (NA)

The thing with Sci-fi is that I LOVE them. Sci-fi is a very hard genre to write, and I know that it sometimes get so confusing, your head just keeps twisting and twisting. I haven't read much Sci-fi throughout the year just yet, but for the books/series that I have read, they completely blew me away. With my expectations on Sci-fi, it's hanging in the middle. I don't have a very high expectation, and I don't have a low one either. For those authors who are comfortable writing Sci-fi, I'm sure their books will turn out great. All I need in Sci-fi is the plot twist, the characters, and how it gradually builds up throughout the book. 

So that's it.

Those are my opinions on some of the book genres out there in today's market. What's your opinion?
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 Thank you June!!! This is a great post and I hope you all love it as much as I do!! Again, due to Maths tests, etc. I'm not having the time to write posts, but hopefully, we'll be back on normal schedule soon!! Before you leave, go give June a big hug for doing this post!! 

rita xo

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