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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Top Ten Book Turn Offs

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Top Ten Book Turn Offs

1. Insta-Love

I can't STAND Insta-love.....I just hate it with a passion. It's silly, unrealistic, pointless and does nothing for the book anyway. I like amazing, swoon worthy romance in a book. Not something that seems like a Disney romance... (Although I love's the best comparison.. :p)
2. Vampires
Let's face it: I don't like vampires. Although, I'm slowly coming to terms with them, and though I have been book pushed into reading Vampire Academy (which I will do soon!) I'm still not their biggest fan. Oh, and if they sparkle? I would rather they burnt... (Cue Ellie Goulding)
3. Sexism
I don't want to read about someone blabbering on about how boys are better than girls or vice versa. Honestly, we are all equal, and I would love it if  people spread that message! Sexism is one of my favourite things to debate about, and usually ends up with someone telling me to be quiet when I stress that we are all equal. Anyway, I think that spreading the opposite message isn't really helping..

4.One of the Main Characters dying
This is kind of a weird one. It really depends, but  I'll give an example. In a book that I read, the love interest died at the end. For me, this left me completely distraught and unsatisfied with the story, considering that there are four more books in the series. I went on to read the second book, but found that I really didn't like it and I just couldn't carry on with the series. I think it shows how affected you can be by a character.

5. Dialect
Obviously, when I say this I don't mean speech. What I mean is an accent, in particular, Geordie ones. I don't mind if the character is said to have an accent - and strangely enough, I didn't seem to mind Fleur Delacour's french accent- but when the speech is written with that accent, it really annoys me! For example, once the speech was filled with things like summat or nowt. I just couldn't stand that. I finished the book, but it was one of my major pet peeves.

6. Too Much Depressing-ness
Books that I find that are to depressing and then have nothing special about them whatsoever, really bug me. I can't enjoy them, and I end up wallowing in a character's depressing and sad life which just makes me sad! I don't mind crying because of a sad book, but it's a particular sort of depressing (not sad) book that bugs me.

7. Annoying Main Characters

8. Contradicting Yourself

Do not say something and then go contradict yourself later on in the book. Please don't. It just becomes a source for me to go "Really?" at and to laugh at. This only happened once in a book but I still remember please don't do this characters..

I hope you enjoyed this TTT! Or more like Top Eight Tuesday! 
Bye! xx

rita xo

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