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Saturday, 19 October 2013

Interview with Erika from The Red Bookmark

Hello Everyone!

Today I have Erika from The Red Bookmark with us for an interview! Here it is:

Hi Erika! Welcome to the blog! Have some cookies. *hands cookies over* Can you introduce yourself?
Hello everyone! Thanks for having me Rita! *takes cookies, then scoffs them* Well, my name is Erika and I’m twelve years old (nearly 13) and I’m the blogger behind The Red Bookmark! I have an unhealthy addiction to books and tumblr quotes.
 What are you currently reading?
I’m not reading anything at the moment but I’m pretty sure I’m going to start The Elites soon!
 Why did you start your blog? Do you have a reason or any inspiration behind it?
Well, I was looking around on my favourite book blogs (including yours!) and I found The Mile Long Bookshelf was doing a Blog 101. I kept myself updated on those posts and one the second part, Amber did a How to Start A Book Blog post which I loved and I basically used that to start my book blog! And I loved to read so it seemed perfect and I went for it! (YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HORRIBLE MY BLOG LOOKED WHEN I FIRST STARTED!)
Aww! Thank you! If you were only allowed to read ONE book for the rest of your life, what would it be?Eeeekkk! One book? Ermmm..... Ahhh... HELP ME! Maybe Diary of a Mall Girl by Luisa Plaja! I absolutely loved that book.
Describe your bookshelf. How is it organized? Any extremely pretty books on it? :)It’s very, very disorganized! I think I put my books in order of their genre! I’m not completely sure! :)
 Since your blog is called The Red Bookmark, what is your favourite bookmark?
My favourite bookmark? Probably a red one! Haha x
Thanks again for having me on your amazing blog Rita!
It was great to have Erika on the blog!! Make sure to go visit her over at her blog!
Bye! xx

rita xo

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