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Monday, 21 October 2013

Discussions with an Eight Year Old: Scary Stuff

Discussion with an Eight Old is basically a discussion feature where I talk to my eight year old sister, InĂªs, about a certain topic. I hope you enjoy it!

Topic:Scary Stuff

Rita: Okay, since you chose the topic- a great choice since it's nearly Halloween- what are your favourite scary books?

Ines: I read a bit of Beast Quest but I can't remember that much of it! All I remember is that there is a scary monster in it.

Rita:  I've never read those books...umm...I'm not really a fan of scary books- or anything to do with horror really! But I do read some scary things...Let me think...And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie is actually quite scary, and I think that The Madman's Daughter by Megan Shepherd could be classed as a horror book as it is quite scary, but nothing too bad! As you can see, I do tend to shy away from scary things...!

Ines:  Scary books sometimes have a sad ending or a happy ending.. I like the happy endings better but what do you prefer? I don't like sad endings because then the book isn't very fun and then I wouldn't really like to read it.

Rita:  I like happy endings too. I don't mind sad endings, because some books are meant to have them and you can't really do anything about it, but if I had to choose, I like seeing my beloved characters feeling happy! What about scary films or TV shows? Do you like those?

Ines: A bit but not always. I do like them when there is something funny in them, but not when they are very Sirius. (Rita: This is why you are an awesome sister.) When you watch Supernatural you can hear the scary bits and I don't like them! They scare me..!

Rita:  Hehe....You see that's why you're not allowed to watch Supernatural...to be honest..I require a cushion to watch ANY scary thing so I can hide...It's like I require a survive-through-a-scary-show kit...Those should be sold somewhere you know...What's the scariest thing you've watched?

Ines:  Hmm....The Hunger Games because there is lots of scary bits..and lots of people dies which made me sad...

Rita:  Yeah...I remember that...You were a bit upset after The Hunger Games...but HEY! You wanted to watch it!! And you loved watching it on DVD..!

Ines: SQUIDDSSSSSS....*starts laughing* Don't trust squids...They are EVERYWHERE and they can FLYYYY...

Rita: *laughs like a lunatic* DERPY SQUIDSSSS.... Anyway...That is great advice from my sister that you should really follow...yep...yeah....you can see where she gets it..

RitaMaybe you can go as a squid for Halloween?? Yes? Or a duck....*ponders*

Do you like Scary Books? What about TV Shows, Films and Squids?
 Bye!! xx


rita xo

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