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Monday, 7 October 2013

Discussion with an Eight Year Old: Book Characters in Books

Discussion with an Eight Old is basically a discussion feature where I talk to my eight year old sister, InĂªs, about a certain topic. I hope you enjoy it!

Topic:Characters in Books

Rita: Tell me about your favourite characters in books.

Ines: In City of Bones, my favourite characters are Izzy and Simon.

Rita:  I'm proud of you for being a Sizzy fan! Haha! I know you loved the film but talk about other characters as well! What do you like to see in a character?

Ines:  I like them to be funny, brave and friendly. In a book I read called Lady Lollipop, there's a pig that can do tricks. I like her because she's funny, and her name is Lollipop! Then she turns into a house pig.

Rita: Yes, I know you love that book! I read it too, and I did love Lollipop. I love it when characters are funny and brave and I find it funny what you said about liking the name Lollipop. This is a bit weird, but sometimes, the name of a character can affect whether I pick up a book...Which is an awful confession! Luckily, there's only one case where I think I haven't read a book because of the name...It was on Wattpad and the main male character had a name I can't stand and that I won't say because I don't want to offend anyone..Yep. I'm guilty of that and I'm not exactly proud of it... >.<

Ines: You see, I would read a book regardless of the names the characters had. If the book had a good story and had a bad name I would still read it, but if the book had a bad story and a good name, then I wouldn't read it because it's the story that counts.

Rita: Wow. My little sister has had a better attitude towards this then me! I'll follow what you said and judge a book by it's story. Luckily, like I said, this has only happened in one case and I've read countless books with that name in it! I'll make sure in the future that this doesn't ever happen!

Rita: When you read a book and you don't like the main character, does that affect your enjoyment of the book? It does for me.

Ines: If I didn't like the main character, then I wouldn't like the book, because the main character is a big part of the book.

Rita: Yeah, I agree. That's why sometimes I end up not liking a book; because the main character just doesn't appeal to me.

Rita:  I hope you enjoyed this discussion and make sure to answer the question in the comments! Me and Ines will be seeing you soon in a fortnight!

Ines:  Bye Rita's bloggy people!

 Are the characters important to you when you read a book? Does it affect your enjoyment? Tell me in the comments!


rita xo

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