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Sunday, 6 October 2013

50 Facts About Me Tag

Hello Everyone!

This tag has recently been going around the blogosphere a lot and I have been tagged 3 times! This has been by Amber, Sophie and Erika! Thank You! Anyway, here are 50 facts about me:

  1. I'm Portuguese and fluent in both Portuguese and English.
  2. I've swam with Dolphins and it was the most amazing experience EVER!
  3. I love the colour mint green.
  4. I have been a very bookish person since I was little.
  5. I'm a dog person.
  6. Unicorns are real. Promise!
  7. I currently have an obsession with Wolfblood, the TV show.
  8. I'm also watching Series 6 of Supernatural (but I should have really started from Series 1..)
  9.  My favourite books when I was little were The Rainbow Fairies and Horrible Histories.
  10. I love cuddly toys.
  11. I love Sunsets.
  12. My family are my best friends.
  13. I am very Patriotic.
  14. I like wearing brightly coloured tights.
  15. I do Ballet and Jazz.
  16. I love listening to music, and I don't really have a preferred type.
  17. I'm a very bubbly person.
  18. The names of my dogs (who are in Portugal) are Kika and Patinhas.
  19. I play the Violin.
  20. In 10 years, me Sophie and Amber are going to BEA and while we're there, we're going to stay at the Library Hotel in NYC.
  21. My name means "Pearl".
  22. I love to write.
  23. I have set a pan on fire whilst cooking.
  24. I can actually cook despite the last fact..
  25. I am a Shadowhunter and a Witch. 
  26. I think that if I were in the Divergent books, I would probably be Divergent..
  27. I have won the Hunger Games.
  28. I really love writing! 
  29. I'm small.
  30. I love the series Agents of SHIELD, which I just started watching but I already have favourite characters.
  31.  I can't catch ANYTHING..I'm just terrible...
  32. Swimming in the sea on a hot day whilst it's raining is one of the best experiences ever. Trust me.
  33. I really hate horror movies. I will be down right stubborn and refuse to watch them.
  34. I absolutely love quotes.
  35. I LOVE Dinosaurs! Jurassic Park is one of my favourite films EVER. 
  36. When I was 5, I bought a huge book with teeny writing just because it had pretty illustrations of Dinosaurs in it..!
  37. I've never had Chicken Pox.
  38. I've only ever met an author and had my book signed once. 
  39. I still need to read the said book. -Bear in mind this post is scheduled, by the way!-
  40. My first EVER book swap was with Zoe B.
  41. I support Benfica football team, but that's basically because of my dad!
  42. I have really dark eyes.
  43. I was on Goodreads before I started blogging
  44. I quite like filming things and taking photos.
  45. I can be a wimp but also the most crazy, impulsive person at the same time.
  46. Songs have a tendency to get stuck in my head.
  47. I do not like the cold. AT ALL.
  48. But...I do like snow...it's pretty!
  49. I have really small feet.
  50. My favourite Disney Princess is Mulan. I watched the movies over and over again when I was younger.
I hope you enjoyed this!

I tag:
 - Amy @ Amy Bookworm
  -Sandra @ Tea Between Books

rita xo

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