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Monday, 9 September 2013

Discussion with an Eight Year Old: Blogging

Discussion with an Eight Old is basically a discussion feature where I talk to my eight year old sister, Inês, about a certain topic. I hope you enjoy it!

Topic: Blogging

Rita: I have a blog(obviously). I absolutely love blogging and it's one of my favourite things to do and I've learnt so many things in these last few months. It's so much fun, and I love talking about books, reviewing them, and listening to all your opinions on them. Also, I get people who I can be crazy with on Twitter...!

Inês: I think it's very fun because you can make graphics. And you can talk about films and books.

Rita: *laughs*

Inês: Why are you laughing?!

Rita: Because what you said about the graphics was funny, especially since I blog about books! Anyway, what do you think about me blogging?

Inês: I think you go on Twitter too much...And you don't let me go on Minecraft because you're on the computer..

Rita: Haha! Yes, I guess.....Sorry! Back to the subject, I think blogging requires a lot of hardwork but it definitely pays off. Sure, there's a lot of stress over getting posts done, books read, and keeping to a schedule, but once you look back at the work it's something you can be proud of!

Inês: It's hard for my sister, but I'm very proud of her. (I DIDN'T PAY HER TO SAY THIS! HONEST! - Rita) ...And I'm only saying this because I'm her sister..

Rita: Thanks...

Inês: Blogging is good because you get to talk about different things and it seems fun.

Rita: Would you like to have a blog maybe? What would it be about?

Inês: I'd like to have a blog and it would be about films.

Rita: And what's your favourite film? And the one we've been to see twice already?

Inês: The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.

Rita: I'm very proud of you.. *cries*

Inês: Thank you, Thank You..

Rita: I'm going to describe blogging one word. Hilarious. What's your word?

Inês: Awesome.

Rita: I hope you enjoyed this! It was lots of fun to do, and we shall be doing more of these, if Inês agrees...

Inês: Yes....but only if you pay me...

Rita: Not happening.

Inês: Okay...


rita xo

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