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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Boy Bands VS Book Boyfriends: A Discussion by Rita and Amber

Hello! It’s Rita from Weaving Pages and Amber from The Mile Long Bookshelf, and today we are doing a joint post on Boy Bands VS Book Boyfriends. For this awesome post, Amber shall be writing in purple and I shall be in blue!
Jace [The Mortal Instruments] is mine. MINE. MINE. MINE. MINE. MINE. MINE.HAHAHA! MINE.
Anyway…(I clearly won that) (EXCUSE ME?) (YOU HEARD ME) the idea for this post, all started with a tweet…

This was Amber’s amazing reaction to that tweet (I actually just found out that the tweet you reply to is called the Parent Tweet...O_O):

You are reading correctly. I stated the obvious and there we have it: Jace is SO MUCH BETTER THAN ONE DIRECTION. AND OTHER BOY BANDS IN GENERAL.
Who needs One Direction anyway?
EXACTLY. I COULD LIVE WITHOUT BOY BANDS BUT NOT WITHOUT JACE. OR PEETA. OR FOUR. OR WILL. OR BUTTERFLY. WE HAVE THE SAME MIND...this is scary... Oh and Park from Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell! *slowly backs away since I haven’t read this..* You need to. Also, don’t forget Draco! DRACO. DRACO! Please don’t tell me you Ship Dramione…. Duh, of course not. I ship Dramber. In that case, I won’t disown you….Yet… I SHIP REETA, AND WITA AND JITA (Peeta, Jace and Will) OH, AND ROUR...THAT’S A GREAT SHIP NAME. Well I ship Dramber. And Jamber? That’s Jace and Amber. And Bamberfly, that’s Butterfly and Amber. I SHIP EVERYTHING WITH MYSELF, EVEN COOKIES...and Pringles. Rita was my bridesmaid at my Pringle-y wedding. I ship Ritterfly...YES I WAS BRIDESMAID. HA. We’ve gone really off topic…hehehe..*tumbleweed* *eerie silence*
Since we’ve started going off on Ship rants...we’ll move on...The next phase of this Twitter conversation was me concluding that I would write a book boyfriend bible:


I still ship Jace and Clary. Is that weird? TMI is the only series where you are allowed to go: I SHIP INCEST.. There were signs like that at the premiere….and yes...I SHIP CLACE.
Jace <3 Peeta <3 Butterfly <3 Draco <3 MINE. *cough* *glares at Rita*Let’s not start this again...So you’ve admitted defeat, YAY. NEVER. NOT HAPPENING. NOPE. NEVER. Shush, you know I won. MINE. MINE. MINE. MINE. MINE. MINE. MINE. MINE. MINE. MINE. MINE. OH REALLY?
Fictional boys are so much better than Harry Styles, just saying. xDI will disown anyone who prefers boy bands… I have also discovered that preferring book boyfriends means you get new followers… Mentioning ‘1D’ in your tweets gets you a lot more followers too...O_O

It actually got to the point where me and Amber were told that we won VIP One Direction Tickets..If I got them, I would sell them on eBay. :)

Now, if they were tickets to LIVE WITH JACE, I would be there like a shot. ME TOO! Err no, the invitations are only sent out to people called Amber, sorry. ;) Jace made an exception for me.. you know, since he’s my book boyfriend. No. YEP. Do you want me to get my Seraph blade or what?!
These “tickets” were actually Spam, so umm...don’t go around accepting One Direction tickets on Twitter, people…

I’ll warn you that it gets weirder and weirder…
This happened:

Since Amber is One Direction’s biggest fan, (NO I’M NOT. I AM FAR FROM IT.) I made sure to let them know:

Hatred. Hatred everywhere.
Also..I’ll just point out that me and Georgia didn’t plot to hire Celaena Sardothien (Who? xD) (An amazing kick-ass assassin from these books that you really have to read) so that she could cut Harry Styles’ hair off. Nope. We’re innocent. I bet you keep Harry’s hair. RARRY. I ship you and Harry now, k? YOU DID NOT JUST GO THERE (I did *finger snap*)...hmmm...I SHIP ZAMBER. Okay? You and Zayn. -_-
The weirdest thing that EVER happened was me and Amber being added to a list of One Direction Phone Numbers...Really!?

Media preview

So, the question stands: Which do you prefer - boy bands or book boyfriends?

Let us know in the comments!

rita xo

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