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Monday, 5 August 2013

Treason by Jo Macauley

Hello Everyone!

This is one of the three books that I received from Curious Fox Books for review. Again, Thank you to them for sending me this book! Despite not liking the first one I received, I liked this one!!

*Receiving this book from the publisher in no way affects my review.*
 Title: Treason
Author: Jo Macauley
Series: Secrets & Spies #1
Source: Publisher
Publisher: Curious Fox Books
Published: June 2013
No. of Pages: 224

Fourteen-year-old Beth Johnson is a talented and beautiful young actress. She is also a spy. The year is 1664, and Charles II is on the throne, but all is not well in the bustling city of London, and there are those who would gladly kill the king and destroy the Monarchy. One morning, a mysterious ghost ship drifts up the Thames. Sent to investigate by the King’s Master of Secrets, Alan Strange, Beth quickly finds herself embroiled in a dangerous adventure. Will Beth be able to unravel the plot to kill the King before it’s too late? 
3.5 stars: Page thinks this book was good, but didn't
make him fly.

My Thoughts:

I have a soft spot for historical fiction and for spy books. So when you put these two things together, you get a happy Rita. Treason, does just that and was a light read that I did enjoy!

I really liked the action and mystery in Treason. All the spying was really cool to read about and I loved Beth's sword fighting skills! I was really interested in the spying accociation and Alan Strange/The Spymaster was quite a cool character! I think it was because he was quite mysterious and you never seemed to be able to know if you could trust him or not!

Like I said, I really like history so I really liked the historical side of this book! Treason is set in the stuart era, during the reign of Charles II, one of my favourite eras!! It really interests me, so I loved seeing Beth in this setting! I really liked the detail in the book when it was pointed out that women were only just being allowed to act in a theatre. I think this helped make the world more realistic.

I really liked Beth. She was a strong heroine, who was kind. I really liked her relationship with Maisie, a girl who was trying to find her father as I thought it was a very sweet, sisterly like relationship. I also loved how Beth was not afraid of action. Like I said, her sword fighting skills were awesome!!

John was also a nice character. He was different from the normal love interest in books, being quite afraid of things, but it was nice to have a different element in the book!  I thought he was quite nice, and brave in his own way even though at the beginning he tended to be afraid.

Overall, I think this is a light-read that fans of history would enjoy!

Bye! xx

rita xo

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