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Monday, 26 August 2013

Interview with Amy @ Amy Bookworm

Hi Everyone!

As Amy said, in her interview with me, it's good to be crazy. It is completely understandable. As long as you have a least one person who can put up with you. That's Amy: She puts up with me.

Amy is the awesome person who plagues twitter when possible. She frequently joins me in various conversations ranging from me making her read various books (don't worry, soon she will have read The Mortal Instruments and Divergent) to participating in court cases over who gets custody of the REAL Peeta Mellark. Don't worry, Peeta's with me whilst Amy, Zoe and Hawwa have clones (Doesn't Rita Mellark sound awesome though?). In short, she is a very awesome, crazy, nice blogger! 

Today, you get to see some of that craziness, in interview form:
Describe yourself in five words.
(This is so hard!) Realist, eyebrow-raising reader, talented worrier!

How did we meet??
Have you forgotten? *shakes head* On Twitter at the '#bookishparty' event! :D

Just making sure you remembered! Would you kindly explain what our deals are? And this t-shirt? 
Our deals... Hmm, how did they start? Oh! I remember. It was a comment where you asked if I'd read City Of Bones if you read the book I reviewed. I supposed it was a good idea, and although that deal hasn't been completed yet *raises eyebrow at TBR* it will be completed like many other deals have been... I do something, and Rita does something basically :P

What do you do when you're not blogging?
Tweet. Play Uno or 4 Pics, 1 Word (just my favourite games at the moment), think about books and/or read them, do (home)work- which includes Art & soon... DofE! My volunteering for it has started & guess where I'll be heading the afternoon of writing this? The library! Although the induction day wasn't the best it was purely due to a rocky friendship and I look forward to swimming, learning First Aid & helping out in my community! (:

If you were stuck on a desert island and you couldn't bring your kindle, what book would you have with you??
A book that teaches me how to teleport so I could go & return to my books... Or a massive library.

Books vs. Ebooks?
I could argue that eBooks are books C: I know what you mean & its so hard! I'm just going to go with books but really, I'm happy with both! :D

Love triangle or not??
Love triangles are good, but it depends on the execution... 

Do you like books with male protagonists??
Of course I do! I wouldn't dislike a protag just based on gender and enjoy them about the same but it's nice & refreshing to hear from a guy's perspective as well as girls... One of my favourite things is dual narration, or when you follow a boy & a girl fairly evenly. It really pleases me (:

So this, everyone, was our awesome interview! I hope you enjoyed it and please go and check out Amy's Blog!!!

Bye! xx

rita xo

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