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Monday, 15 July 2013

Tormenting Lila by Sarah Alderson

Hello Everyone!

You may have seen my Q&A with Sarah Alderson from a while back, so come July 4th I bought Tormenting Lila straight away (No, not because it was American Independence Day, but because July 4th is when Tormenting Lila came out in the UK)

Title: Tormenting Lila
Author: Sarah Alderson
Series: Lila #2.5
Published: July 4th 2013
No. of Pages: 36 *sobs*

 When Lila and Alex sneak off for a romantic weekend away, Lila’s hoping she’ll finally have a chance to work on Alex’s resolve.

But just as things start heating up news reaches them of a serial killer at loose on the island and it isn’t long before their intimate weekend away is interrupted.

A mind reader, a projector, a protective older brother and a serial killer. One of them is going to find Lila first. She's hoping it's the serial killer. (Goodreads)

 5 stars: Page the bird salutes this book, and starts
 flying with joy.

My Thoughts:
This may sound really creepy and fangirly but I have a slight  (Who am I kidding?) huge obsession with Sarah Alderson's books. This is justifiable though because she has the best book boyfriends her stories are AWESOME (and I admit she does have the BEST book boyfriends..)
Anyway, it was great to see all my favourite characters back together! Especially when they aren't being chased by the UNIT anymore! I can honestly say that I love the "over-protective" brother relationship Lila has with Jack. I find it so HILARIOUS to read, and it is one of my favourite aspects of the whole series, so it was great to see that back in the novella! Then Nate and Suki were back! Those two are like a hilarious double act, and I love reading about everything they do because it is bound to be funny!

I LOVE ALEX AND LILA. They are one of my favourite couples EVER. THEY ARE PERFECT. PERFECT. *deep breath* I think they have been a great couple from the start, and I can not think of a way to make their relationship better. It is not POSSIBLE..
Then there is Alex *swoon* He is obviously one of my favourite book boyfriends because he is also PERFECT and you can see is cares for Lila and... Awww....just awww....

My only issue with this book is that it could have been longer. Then again, it's a novella so that is just me being picky because in all reality I would be over the moon if it was around 600 pages long..! I just enjoy the series so much that I would love there to be a third book (hint, hint) and not just more novellas!

Overall, Tormenting Lila is a great novella that I really enjoyed reading. It makes me SO excited to read The Sound since the novella introduces some amazing characters *cough* Jesse. I personally think that the name of the novella should be changed to Tormenting Rita because it makes me want a third book soooo bad! I may have to lie around doing nothing until there is a third book...

Bye! xx

rita xo

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