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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Atom and Eve by Jeff Yager


I got this book from Hannacroix Creek Books (Edelweiss) so thank you to them for letting me review this book. However, I ended up not liking it as much as I was hoping to...

Title: Atom and Eve
Author: Jeff Yager
Source: Edelweiss (Hannacroix Creek Books)
Published: July 1st 2013
No. of Pages: 255

Set several years in the future, sixteen-year-old Ricky Romanello, a college freshman, is playing basketball when he collapses and winds up in a coma surring from a powerful flut that hits the U.S. population cusing deaths and a dramatic slowdown in the economy. Research scientist Dr. Mandy Fox has been developing an anti-aging drug that she believes could eradicate the flu. Ricky becomes one of the test subjects. But Ricky and others soon discover that an unintended side effect of the new drug and vaccine has catastophic consequences for the entire population.

1 star: Page is very unhappy. This book failed to
make him tweet, sing or fly.

My Thoughts:
Well, this is a bookish milestone, since it's my first 1 star review... I wanted to read this book because it considers feminism and the role of women, and generally, I was interested by the description of the book. However, I don't think I ended up with what I wanted..

 I have to be honest and say that I was bored whilst reading this book. It felt like the sort of book that you wouldn't miss anything from it if you stopped reading but...I FIND IT SO HARD TO DNF BOOKS *sobs* 

This meant that I stuck through it to the end, though I may have been just staring at my kindle in exasperation... The problem was that nothing that I felt was interesting was going on. I wasn't interested in what was happening, in the virus or in anything really.

Secondly, Atom and Eve had to many different points of views. This really annoyed me, because I felt it was unneeded and that it didn't do anything for the story. In fact, I probably could've liked this book better if it had just been from one point of view. It also just got confusing. I felt that too many things were going on at once, or that there were too many different stories..

I'll be honest and say that I couldn't really understand what the storyline of Atom and Eve was meant to be. I though that this book was meant to talk about things like sexism but I honestly thought that the society in the book was more sexist than our current one, which is worrying since this is set in the future...

I also think that the book can be interpreted in different ways. This is because it shows what would happen if women gained the characteristics of men. The things that happen are bad. However, I felt that this implied that women shouldn't be able to "behave" like men or do "manly" things because everything would be a disaster. Then again, you could interpret this in a different way.
 Well then, those were my thoughts. I unfortunately did not enjoy this book, but maybe it just wasn't to my taste...

Bye! xx

rita xo

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