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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Race the Wind by Lauren St John

Hello Everyone!

As you may know, if you've seen my What the Postman Brought post, I requested a review copy of Race the Wind, and the lovely people at Orion Children’s Books sent me a copy so that I could review it. So, thank you to Orion Children’s Books for giving me this opportunity.

Title: Race the Wind
Author: Lauren St John
Series: The One Dollar Horse #2
Source: Publisher
Published: April 1st 2013
Publisher: Orion Children's Books
No. of Pages: 218

When Casey Blue's Badminton victory earns her and Storm an invitation to the prestigious Kentucky Three Day Event, it is a dream come true. But that dream is about to turn into a nightmare. After her father is arrested for a crime Casey is convinced he didn't commit, she finds herself the victim of a vicious blackmailer. To make matters worse, Storm is behaving like the wild horse he once was. Faced with losing everything she loves, she needs the help of her farrier boyfriend, Peter, to win in Kentucky. But is he for her or against her?

                                   4 stars: Page decides that this book was very enjoyable
                                   however, it was not catapulted into amazing.

My Thoughts:

This book has made me love horses, a lot. It's hard not to feel warm inside when you read Lauren St John's books, and this one definitely showed her passion for horses and animals.

Casey has just won the Badminton horse trials. She's overjoyed, and to add to that, Peter is now her boyfriend. However, in a matter of hours, it all comes crashing down when her father is arrested for murder. Despite Casey knowing that he is innocent, and that he is being framed, there is a lot of evidence against him and Casey's father is put in prison until he can be proven innocent. At first, Casey refuses to go to the Kentucky Three Day Event but then everything changes when she receives a letter. The letter says that in order to release her father from prison, she must win the Kentucky Three Day Event, as the blackmailers have a piece of evidence that could clear her father's name. Miss Smith instantly notices Casey's change in behaviour and after getting Casey to tell her the problem, they start training vigorously. However with Casey stressed with all the occurrences and Storm behaving as if he's never been trained, Badminton seems like a faraway dream and Kentucky seems impossible.

One of my favourite aspects of Race the Wind was the small mystery that it contained. You might know by now, that I love mystery books and can't get enough of them, so this just made this book even better.
The blackmail added so much to the book, especially how it affected Casey's relationships and priorities. It casts an evil shadow over Casey's situation, since you start connecting each event like Casey's ex convict father and Casey's recent win at badminton, to form the idea that it couldn't just be petty criminals who are blackmailing her. The blackmail also put Casey into a figurative prison because it meant that she had to go along with whatever the blackmailers had in store for her. Overall, it added a much more sinister feel to the story.

Whilst reading this book, I couldn't help but notice how much I loved the description of the moments when Casey is riding on Storm. I got a thrill from reading about the exhilaration Casey gets from galloping across fields and Cross Country events. I couldn't help but be captured as I read about each jump and I found it hard to read if there was even a stumble. 
Even if Casey fell off Storm, I was urging them to be alright because in my head Casey and Storm had to win, just to show everyone what a girl from a hard background and a One Dollar Horse can do!

Peter and Casey's relationship suffered quite a lot during this book. Lets just say that there still hasn't been a book where they have fully been a couple. However, they make an adorable one meaning it makes me want to read more! The arrest and blackmail were mostly the cause of the hiccup in their relationship but I do feel that Casey was being a bit hostile after these two events. I guess that it's understandable because of what's happening but I still felt like telling Casey that she wasn't going to get anywhere by pushing people away!

There was one more character that really had an impact on me: Miss Smith. Throughout the course of this series you keep on discovering how strong Miss Smith is. First, you learn about her gambling husband and how he lost everything she had. Then, towards the end of The One Dollar Horse you learn that Miss Smith is ill, but she burns her test results and doesn't do anything about it. Throughout this book, Miss Smith is in pain but she hides it from Casey. However, you still don't know what is wrong with her, and it's absolutely horrible. I felt so worried for Miss Smith and I need to know what's wrong with her, but the poor woman refuses to find out for herself!

Personally, I think if you love horses you NEED to read this series because it's so heart warming and Lauren St John's books are always a pleasure to read.

Bye! xx

rita xo

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