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Saturday, 22 June 2013

My Reading List: 22/06/13

Hi Again!

I went shopping today and I ended up going to a charity shop and buying some books, because who can resist an opportunity to buy books at a low price??

Dark Knights and Dingy Castles: I LOVE history. I love historical fiction and I have been reading and collecting all the Horrible Histories books FOR EVER. It is a habit that I'll have my whole life. I have all the normal Horrible Histories books but I don't have all the 'special' ones, so when I found this one, I HAD to buy it....and I did. I love these books like crazy and as you can see by the piece of paper/bookmark I've already started reading it..!

At Bertram's Hotel: I'm starting to think that if I keep on getting addicted to certain books, I'll have no room on my bookshelf. But like it says on my Twitter profile I have an addiction to Agatha Christie books. I just can't get enough of how complex but simple the mystery is and how it is never who you suspect. However, I have always read the Poirot books so this is my first Marple! I'm looking forward to see how Miss Marple solves the case.


rita xo

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