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Friday, 24 May 2013

My Reading List: 25/5/13

Hello Again!

So, I have three more books from my library and they're all part of my Sweet Six for this month!

You can read more under the jump:

Sweet Evil: I'm currently reading this book and, to be honest, I've got controversial feelings for this book. I do believe that it has a good storyline but the romance is going a bit too fast for me. However, I was really excited for this book so I'm hopefully going to stick it out to the end and have a review up soon!

Under the Never Sky: I have heard SO many good things about this book, and to be honest, I'm like an eager puppy: I really want to start it, then I look at my pile of other books and tell myself that I have to wait otherwise it wouldn't be fair on the others.

Legend: This book is already on my good list: It mentioned The Hunger Games on the cover so I'm pretty sure it's going to be good. Apart from that, everyone seems to love it and the description of the book seems awesome.

Looking at these books, don't you think that they're really pretty? Especially Under the Never Sky, I think that sooner or later I'll have to own a copy..


rita xo

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