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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

And Gallagher Girls 6 is..

Hello Again!

I'm back, and this time I bring amazing news: Gallagher Girls six now has a cover and a title!

The title is United We Spy and, like I said, I also have a cover, well two:

Like always, the cover is AMAZING. I could stare at it for hours (I have a special soft spot for the UK one though!). However, I had to get used to the title.
You see, I have always loved the titles of the Gallagher Girls series, and at first when I saw this title, I was a bit sceptical, but now I can see where this whole thing is going.

Like all the other titles, it is a spy version of an everyday saying, in this case 'United We Stand' and I can't help but love it! The title makes me think that if our group of lovely ladies stay united, then the Circle of Cavan is dead. I'm sorry, anyone who likes the Circle (shame on you) but they have no chance against these kick-ass girls. No one has a chance.

So, I think I'm in love with the whole result: although this does mean that I'm going to be miserable until September. 

Now please excuse me so I can go have fantasies about whatever will happen in United We Spy and then, in honour of the Gallagher Girls, I'm going to go make a list on the Pros and Cons of waiting until September. 


rita xo

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