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Monday, 15 April 2013

The Laura Marlin Mysteries by Lauren St.John

Hi Everyone,

On my bedside table is the book Kentucky Thriller by Lauren St.John. So since that is the third book in a series I'm doing a special post for the other two.
Here it is:
 Titles: Dead Man's Cove (#1), Kidnap in the Caribbean (#2)
Author: Lauren St. John
Series: Laura Marlin Mysteries #1 & #2
Rating: 4 stars

Plot: This series follows an Orphan, Laura, when she goes to live with her uncle, Calvin. From then on, she gets involved in a series of mysteries which provide the storyline.

My Thoughts:

I've never been a fan of books like The Famous Five, Secret Seven, etc. which is surprising considering the fact that I'm a sucker for mystery and adventure books. However, I was first introduced to Lauren St. John's writing by a friend who bought ' The White Giraffe ' for me. I absolutely loved it and I have consequently read all the books in that series, and then I discovered this series when it came out, and I absolutely loved it!

Dead Man's Cove:

Dead Man's cove is the first book in the series. Here, we meet orphan Laura as she moves in with her mysterious Uncle Calvin. Her uncle always warns her not to go down to Dead Man's Cove, because of the high tides. However, the tide isn't just the problem.
We meet Tariq, the Indian boy who who works for his adoptive parents, the well respected owners of the grocery store. Laura is determined to find out why he regularly has cuts and bruises on his arms and why he rarely speaks.
Also, what is it with her uncle's grumpy house keeper, and her uncle's midnight walks. Laura is determined to be like her favourite detective and find out.

Kidnap in the Caribbean: 

I got Kidnap in the Caribbean for Christmas. Laura enters a raffle draw to win a holiday on a cruise. But what is it with the seller's sudden disappearance and her suspicious behaviour?
When Laura wins, she doesn't suspect anything, she just goes with Sky, her Uncle, and Tariq on the cruise, but then strange happenings begin. Her uncle trips, and Laura finds hooks where the line that caused him to trip would be, and old friends come back..
When her Uncle is taken, Laura and Tariq are forced to escape and hide on a mountain, and this time, he annoying friend they made on the cruise ship might be the only one who can save them.   

I Love this series and can't wait to read Kentucky Thriller.. It should be great!!

Bye Bye!

rita xo

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