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Saturday, 6 April 2013

The Host Movie Thoughts


I went to see the Host Movie the day it came out so I thought you might like know what on earth my reactions were to the movie instead of just my reaction to the book so here it is: (Spoilers in Red)
So I thought the movie was good. Not amazing, not bad. So firstly the Good Points:
  • Saoirse Ronan is officialy an awesome actress.
  • The special effects and the seeker uniforms, etc. were all really good.
  • In my opinion, I did think that the souls looked like what I imagined.
  • I just basically just enjoyed it but I can't really pin point why.. 
  • They portrayed how Melanie and Wanda interacted well.
Bad Points:

  • Those two nameless guys at the beginning didn't die in the book so they didn't have to die in the film.
  • They left out Walter!
  • I imagined the scene where Wanda gets attacked to be a bit worse, plus the floor didn't cave in. :(
  • We didn't see Jared punch kyle again...
  • I thought Jamie would be a bit older.
  • I didn't think that Wanda would look like what she became in the end.
  • The Romance was too fast paced, not like it was in the book. Also Wanda slapped Jarred whilst in the book she shouts "NO!"
  • Melanie jumps out of a window in the film whilst in the book she jumps into an elevator shaft.
I will point out that this is me mostly being picky and that the film is actually quite good.


rita xo

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