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Sunday, 21 April 2013

My Reading List: 21/04/13

Hi Everyone!

So...I have two new books to add to my reading list and I thought you may like to see them. I still have to read the books from my previous list, but I was reading Percy Jackson and that took me ages and now I'm reading Golden, which I hopefully think is good!
By the way, The Official Weaving Pages Dolphin (Should we refer to him as TOWPD?) was busy swimming, so he is not in the picture..

  The One Dollar Horse: I have wanted to read this since summer 2011, and you may remember me reviewing a different series from Lauren St John.. Anyway, this book has neon pink pages which makes me excited..!

Code: This is the next book in the Virals series and I'm looking forward to reading it. It has an awesome cover even though it is completely different to the other two. I also have 206 bones to read by same author...I'm not going to sleep whilst reading that..

So, my friends, that is it for now!


rita xo

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