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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Kentucky Thriller by Lauren St. John

Hi Everyone!

So I just finished Kentucky Thriller in two days, but that was because it was pretty short. Anyway, do not be put off by the rating. It's just because this is Junior Fiction meaning that the book isn't that exciting for older people. Anyway, it's still a fun, light read so pick it up if you get the chance. (There's this new series by Lauren St. John that I want to read, by the way..)

Title: Kentucky Thriller
Author: Lauren St. John
Series: Laura Marlin Mysteries #3
Published: Unknown
No.of Pages: 177
Rating: 3.5 stars

Laura Marlin's two greatest loves in life are detective novels and animals, so she is ecstatic when her uncle agrees to let her keep a horse after they rescue it, crazed with fear, from an overturned horsebox. But he has a condition. Before he will allow her to adopt it they have to find its former owner, just to ensure that it hasn't been stolen. A visit to Newmarket to investigate the thoroughbred's origins leads Laura to the Kentucky Derby in the US and deep into the murky world of race-fixing.

My Thoughts:

This story/series is a good, light read for anyone who likes animals and mysteries. It has a great combination of the two.

So Laura, Tariq and her Uncle are on their way to a picnic, when there uncle decides to take a short cut. Suddenly, they swerve off the road and just manage not to hit a horsebox. Thinking there is no pony inside, Laura's uncle calls the police, when suddenly something starts throwing a bucking bronco inside the horsebox. Turns out, what bursts out of the horsebox isn't quite a pony. Try a horse.

So the result is that after some research, they find out that this horse has been stolen, and the horse is one of the most famous horse ever. Gold Rush.
After the horse's owners, The Wainrights, discovers Tariq's special way with animals, they insists they come to Kentucky with him for a holiday on fleet farm and so that Tariq can help Noble Warrior, Gold Rush's horse, win the Kentucky Derby, and more is at stake then just a rosette.

Now as soon as they arrive, strange happenings occur. Especially problems that seemed to be caused by a wild-cat smell. Laura's mind is whizzing, why was her accident so similar to Kit's, The Wainright's fifteen year-old granddaughter. And why did Laura see two different horseboxes arrive on the same night. Laura is starting to fear it could be one of the staff, or maybe even the Straight A's. A gang that Laura has had more than enough run-in's with.
Behind the powerful horses, and the ladies in pretty hats lie much darker secrets, and Laura isn't sure if she wants to find out what they are.

I have to say, depsite this being a children's book, it keeps you guessing, as well as Laura making many deductions I'm sure I couldn't.
Just in case your interested, I'm going to post a photo of the Kentucky Derby, because I was interested too. Here it is:

It's cool, isn't it?
Back onto the book, I have to say that it has wonderful illustrations at the start of each chapter, giving you a glimpse at what lies in store..
Also, Lauren St John usually puts a nice note at the end of her books, meaning that you can understand the moral of the story and also any inspiration she might of had. I do love reading this!

Bye for now!

rita xo

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