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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Half-Blood by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Hi everyone! So this is my second review, I just finished this book and here are my thoughts on it:

Title: Half-Blood
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Series: Covenant #1
Published: October 18th 2011
No. of Pages: 281
Rating: 3 stars

The Hematoi descend from the unions of gods and mortals, and the children of two Hematoi-pure-bloods-have godlike powers. Children of Hematoi and mortals-well, not so much. Half-bloods only have two options: become trained Sentinels who hunt and kill daimons or become servants in the homes of the pures. Seventeen-year-old Alexandria would rather risk her life fighting than waste it scrubbing toilets, but she may end up slumming it anyway. There are several rules that students at the Covenant must follow. Alex has problems with them all, but especially rule #1:Relationships between pures and halfs are forbidden. Unfortunately, she's crushing hard on the totally hot pure-blood Aiden. But falling for Aiden isn't her biggest problem--staying alive long enough to graduate the Covenant and become a Sentinel is. If she fails in her duty, she faces a future worse than death or slavery: being turned into a daimon, and being hunted by Aiden. And that would kind of suck.

My Thoughts:

I have mixed feelings with this book. On one hand the characters were pretty kick-ass but the book just seem sort of.. meh.

The book starts off with us joining Alex as she tries to not get killed basically. Her and her mother have left the safety of the covenant and are living in the mortal world. They are also pretty much being hunted by Daimons. After her mother is killed by a Daimon, Alex is saved by a couple of sentinels, one of them being Aiden the Pure-Blood who Alex desperately fancies but is a completely forbidden relationship. (I'll say more about this rule later)

 Once Alex gets back to the covenant she is forced to either choose slavery, which is not an option for her, or to train hard over the summer so she can be accepted back into the covenant. Of course, she chooses the latter otherwise our little story would end there and then.

So Alex trains, sneaks off the covenant and basically repeats those things over and over again, all while struggling with the fact that her mother is dead. (There is a little twist that makes up the end of the story, but I'm not going to tell you it.)

On to the characters: Alex is pretty much a kick-ass heroine, if cocky and smart-mouthed at times. I did feel that she held up pretty well after her mum died, perhaps a little too well, I mean she only broke down at the end! Aiden is a nice guy. He's good looking and has to look after his little brother, who has been a drunkard since their parents died. To be honest I'm Team Aiden.

So that was what I thought of the book, you might think differently or it may have just not been my style?

Anyways Bye from me,


rita xo

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