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Monday, 15 April 2013

Catching Fire Teaser Trailer!


The Catching Fire teaser trailer is out!! I woke up to this wonderful spectacle this morning, and forced the whole of my family to watch it..
Just from this clip, I can already see hat this is going to be an amazing movie, there is no way it could possibly fail. (Except for the bit where Katniss kissed Gale, and my reaction is: "Noo! You don't like him! Don't do this to me/yourself! Go kiss Peeta instead!)

Yes.. I'm a pretty hardcore Peeta fan, I mean, who isn't? Why can't he be real..

Anyway, instead of listening to my ramblings you probably want to actually see the trailer, So your wish is my command:

You're going to love it!


rita xo

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